The Practice 2.0

Questions, questions, questions.

The fears, doubts and worries. Why is this world the way it is? Why violence, why hate? How can some feast like gods whilst others are denied even the crumbs that fall from their tables?

Here we will answer such questions.
Here you will find wisdom, for wisdom is the food of the gods,
and ignorance the food of sheep.

After a sell-out season in 2015, The Practice returns to amuse, beguile and inspire. Let us take you on a journey between waking and sleeping, thinking and doing, audience and actor. Submit to our quasi-metrics and experience the show described as "deep, meaningful, and also comedy gold. " Become an initiate in the art of dreams and an expert in the emotions from ennui and anger to love and ecstasy.

The Practice 2.0 has the following rules:

  1. You will sign a disclaimer accepting full psychological risk.
  2. You agree to relinquish your mobile phone for the duration of the performance.
  3. Enjoy yourself!

8pm Thu-Sat 15-17 Sep
8pm Wed-Sat 21-24 Sep

Northcote Senior Citizens Centre
18a Bent St

Tickets available from Melbourne Fringe

Phone 9660 9666

The Practice 2.0 is written and directed by Cameron Rose

Produced by Mari-Claire Lewis

Murray Clatworthy, Peita Collard, Mari-Claire Lewis, Cameron Rose, Marietta Sabello, Pamela Salen, Chris Winer.

Original music Giosue Prochilo.
Costume consultant Mel Power.

Additional props

For all enquiries please contact: or 0422521874

Mari-Claire Lewis 0411 550 577

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